The factbook of Moroccan Cuisine

The factbook of Moroccan Cuisine
The factbook of Moroccan Cuisine Harun Güçlü
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Morocco's cuisine, located in Northwest Africa, is very rich in flavor and variety, unique and refined. The Moroccan cuisine, where fresh and dried fruits are used with great care, is one of the rare delicacies in which sugar and salt are mixed. Moroccan cuisine is usually based on meat, fish and vegetables. Lamb, sheep, chicken and Pigeon meat is consumed as meat. Private Morocco Tours

2000 km from both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean. fish and seafood are also prepared and consumed in many different ways in Morocco. * Couscous is also made with fish and seafood cooked in different techniques in pan, grill, oven and saucepan.

As I mentioned above, moroccans cook lamb and sheep meat with fresh and dried fruits. Sugar is added to these meals. Fresh fruit is used as the most quince. Dried fruit is dried black plum, dates and raisins. Black plum chicken or dried grape kuskus is one of the most delicious dishes of the moroccans. Private Tours Morocco.

At least 8-9 different varieties of couscous are made in Morocco. Like “sweet couscous” made with lamb meat, chicken meat, vegetables and dried grapes and cinnamon. Kuskus mentioned here in Turkey in the industry and as a sales policy KUSKUS * is not a little pasta-like balls called. Magreb is a dish traditionally made from semolina for centuries and prepared with meat, chicken and various vegetables and fruits. North Africans soften their semiotics by working with soaked hands and flour in a special way and obtain couscous in different sizes. The best couscous is the thinnest. Of course, couscous is not only made at home in traditional ways, it is also taken from a food item markets. Today, couscous is abundant in the markets of Western European countries and is consumed in these countries.

Morocco grows a wide variety of vegetables. Of course, the various kinds of salads and appetizers prepared by various vegetables raw should not be forgotten. The most common vegetables in salads and appetizers are cucumber, eggplant, stuffed peppers, radish, cauliflower and pumpkin. In addition, tomatoes are consumed very much as salad and input. Olive is a very important nutrient used by moroccans both in their meals and in their salads.

Moroccans eat a lot of bread. The ovens have very high quality and delicious bread. Also, bread and croissants are sold in the ovens following the French school in the cities.

There are a lot of Morocco Tours to see and make comparison between companies. Moroccans still prefer to make their bread at home today. They knead the bread at home and send it to the district bakery for cooking.

Desserts are usually "dry cake" in Morocco. Cookies are also the most characteristic of these desserts. It is "Korn gazel" stuffed with almond paste which is eaten with tea, and desserts which are prepared with honey and eaten with coffee are very sweet. Of course, Almond is the most essential ingredient of sweets in Morocco, as in all Magrib countries.

Morocco Private Tours are amazing expeirence with Moroccan Odyssey. One of the most famous dishes of Moroccan cuisine is "Pastilla”. This is a kind of sweet and salted pastry made with baklava dough. Traditionally, only on holidays and special days. This special dessert is prepared with almond, raisins, cinnamon, honey, parsley and Pigeon or chicken meat. In some sources, the Jewish community is told that the Moroccan cuisine has been added.

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